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Demographic Reports with Enrollment Projections

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We provide the most comprehensive demographic study and analysis available on the market today anywhere in the country. Our typical demographic study has 60-80 maps, nearly 100 tables and graphs and includes data for the last 25 years for enrollment, building permits and economic data.

Each study is custom-designed to include the information that you believe is most relevant and needed. We provide 10 years of enrollment projections based on three different statistical models.

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sample demographic map sample percent change map sample free and reduced lunch graph sample school district comparision chart sample 25 year enrollment history chart sample residential building permits graph

Boundary Analysis and Modifications

district boundary changes questions

Whether you’re opening or closing a school, you need accurate information on how to assign the remaining students to get the maximum use from your buildings.

We will incorporate the criteria you want in drawing the attendance boundary lines into accurate scenarios that will help explain the changes to your patrons. Our process for redrawing the lines is open and easy-to-follow. Click on any image below to enlarge. Click again to close.

sample boundary change statistics handout map sample attendance boundary map

Site Selection

district site selection questions

Choosing a location for a new building is always difficult. We can give you a list of possible sites we would recommend based on traffic counts, population growth, utilities and many other factors. Our independent recommendations can help you and your board to decide where to expand your district.

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sample demographic map sample demographic map sample demographic map

Bus Route Analysis

sample bus route directions and map

If higher fuel costs have caused you to look twice at your bus routes, we can provide you with a second-opinion on how the routes could be run. We will maximize your bus capacity while taking into account safety, logistics and other factors to find ways to save your district money.

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Past Enrollment Projection Success Stories

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How long does a typical demographic study take?


Usually four to six months, depending on what information elements you'd like to include and how difficult it is to obtain the data.


What are some examples of how your services have helped a district?


We work to take some of the burden from growing school districts, to provide a specialized service that it is often difficult for district staff members to perform. We always deliver what we promise and have never missed a deadline--and ask our clients--we always deliver more than we promised.


We're under extreme financial stress in our district, with the economy and all. How can we afford your services?


We have a price range for any district, and we believe, and can show you, that effective long-range planning pays multiple fold back to you. We know of instances where districts made serious errors in planning--such as choosing the wrong size of building for their enrollment, or buying property far from where the district's enrollment was growing.

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