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Elections and Voter Analysis

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In today’s political climate, winning a school bond or levy issue on the ballot is not easy, no matter if your district has a string of past successes. We can acquire a current voter list, developed a list of likely voters for your election, and do precinct analysis of how many votes you will need in each part of your district to win.

Map Products

sample bus route directions and map

If your district needs a custom-designed wall map or an online map built, we can produce it quickly and inexpensively.

We also offer to build customized school zone locators that can be posted on a districts website as a helpful tool to easily see which zone an address falls in.

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sample students geocoded map sample students geocoded map sample students geocoded map

Evergreen Solutions

Evergreen Solutions, LLC is one of the nation’s leading consultants in conducting operational audits and efficiency/effectiveness studies in school districts throughout the country. As a national firm, Evergreen Solutions continues to grow and our territory now includes 40 states. To assist school administrators in identifying cost-saving and revenue-generating opportunities, Evergreen Solutions, LLC conducts administrative and operational audits in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Patron Insight

Working with school districts of all shapes and sizes we’ve discovered one unassailable fact: districts with great patron relationships are dramatically more successful in everything they seek to do. Whether you are considering a ballot initiative, doing facility planning, working on your CSIP, considering boundary realignment, contemplating budget options, or simply need to communicate better, Patron Insight has extensive experience helping you connect with your patrons.

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Do You Know What's Happening in Your District?

The 2010 Census can give us an excellent snapshot as to what the population is like across the United States. Check out our map to see what the school-age population is doing in your local area.

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