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Why Business Information Services, LLC?

The country is changing! Kids are coming and going. With all of this change it would be nice to have an idea of what to expect in the next ten years, right? Wonder no more! Business Information Services, LLC can give you the information you need to make crucial decisions regarding building projects, bus routes, or hiring extra teachers.

We can tell you what kind of growth or decline to expect in your city, and also tell you exactly where in the city that is going to occur. Make better decisions, have more confidence in your decisions, CALL TODAY at (816) 224-3498!

Here at Business Information Services, LLC, we are dedicated to providing school district administrators with the most detailed planning information to make decision-making easier. We believe that starts with answering five key questions that every district should know.

Roll over the image below to find out what five key questions districts should know the answers to.

demographic study questions which of the key questions are you most concerned about? where is our enrollment headed? can our buildings hold future enrollment? do we need to alter attendance boundaries? where could population growth occur? where would we need to put a new building?

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Who We Are

Business Information Services, LLC is owned and managed by Preston Smith. Preston has been working with GIS for nine years and has completed more than 100 different demographic projects, totaling to more than 260,000 students!

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